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第 1 筆 High life, low life/Alan Battersby .--Cambridge:Cambridge University Press, 2001
第 2 筆 The little prince/Antoine de Saint-Exupery .--Taipei:Bookman, 2009
第 3 筆 Ear-rings from Frankfurt/Reg Wright .--Oxford:Oxford University Press, 1991
第 4 筆 A Christmas carol/Charles Dickens ; simplified by D.K. Swan and Michael West ; illustrated by Giles Waring.--Burnt Mill, Harlow, Essex, England:Longman, 1987
第 5 筆 Love among the haystacks/D.H. Lawrence ;retold by Jennifer Bassett ;illustrated by Bob Harvey.--Oxford:Oxford University Press, 2008
第 6 筆 The president's murderer/Jennifer Bassett .--Oxford:Oxford University Press, c2008 ;New York
第 7 筆 Kidnapped .the adventure of David Balfour in the year 1751/Robert Louis Stevenson ;retold by Clare West ;illustrated by William Rowsell.--2nd ed .--Oxford.--Oxford University Press.--2000
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