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第 16 筆 Never give up/Kathryn Pascarella ;illustrated by Nikki LaMountain.--Columbus,Ohio.--Gatekeeper Press.--2022
第 17 筆 Magic words .what to say to get your way/Jonah Berger.--First edition.--New York,NY.--HarperCollins Publishers
第 18 筆 On rotation .a novel/Shirlene Obuobi.--First edition.--New York,NY.--Avon,an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.--2022
第 19 筆 The Midnight Library/Matt Haig.--1st ed..--New York.--Viking,an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.--2020
第 20 筆 Two good men/Brad Gates.--New York.--Koehler Books.--2022
第 21 筆 The queen's gambit/Walter Tevis.--First Vintage contemporaries movie tie-in edition.--New York.--Vintage Books.--2020
第 22 筆 Relativity .a novel/Ben Adams.--Livonia,Michigan.--BHC Press.--2022
第 23 筆 A little hope .a novel/Ethan Joella.--New York,NY.--Scribner,an imprint of Simon & Schuster,Inc..--2022
第 24 筆 How to avoid a climate disaster .the solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need/Bill Gates.--First edition.--New York.--Alfred A.Knopf.--2022
第 25 筆 The age of AI .and our human future/Henry A.Kissinger,Eric Schmidt,Daniel Huttenlocher ;with Schuyler Schouten.--1st ed.--New York.--Little Brown and Company.--2022
第 26 筆 My Policeman/Bethan Roberts.--New York,NY.--Penguin Books,an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.--2022
第 27 筆 Until I see stars/by Marisa Recker.--New York,NY.--Dorrance Publishing Co..--2022
第 28 筆 Danny's boys .a novel/by Charley Heenan.--Chicago.--BQB Publishing.--2022
第 29 筆 Men without women .stories/Haruki Murakami ;translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen.--First edition.--New York.--Vintage International.--2018
第 30 筆 The power of the dog .a novel/by Thomas Savage ;afterword by Annie Proulx.--First media tie-in edition.--New York.--Back Bay Books.--2021
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